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SONAX XTREME BrilliantShine Detailer

For fast, interim paintwork care. Cleans slightly soiled surfaces gently and thoroughly, without scratches. It enhances the paintwork finish and gives...

SONAX Gloss shampoo concentrate

Concentrated cleaning power for the manual vehicle wash. Works quickly and thoroughly against typical road dirt. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork s...

SONAX Tar remover

Thoroughly and gently eradicates tar and oil stains, as well as other stubborn dirt. Even underbody and cavity sealant splashes are quickly and entire...

SONAX Wash & Wax

For rapid paintwork care during the manual car wash. Cleans and protects all in one. Dirt is thoroughly dissolved and the wax contained covers the pai...

SONAX XTREME Polish+Wax 3 Hybrid NPT

Highly effective polish for polishing off weathered paint layers and for restoring dull colours.

Polish & wax color NanoPro

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints

SONAX PremiumClass Saphir power polish

High-End polishing technology based on nano sapphires for paintwork of all types and conditions

SONAX PremiumClass Carnauba care

High quality protection for new and nearly new paintwork. Protects against weathering and other environmental hazards, reduces insect adhesion.

SONAX PremiumClass Leather Care Set

Effective cleaning and intensive care for all typesof smooth leather.

SONAX Paintwork gloss

For the care of nearly new and slightly weathered metallic and standard paints.

SONAX Polish+wax color black

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

SONAX Polish & wax color NanoPro

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

SONAX Polish & wax color NanoPro

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

SONAX Polish & wax color NanoPro

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

SONAX Polish & wax color NanoPro

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

SONAX Car polish

Polish for removing slight scratches and restoring the shine to dull paintwork.

SONAX High speed wax

The lightning fast paintwork sealant. Gives radiant shine and protection lasting many weeks.

SONAX Super liquid wax

High quality wax sealing for the paintwork. Protects and maintains nearly new and polished standard and metallic paints.

SONAX XTREME Ceramic Paint Protect

SONAX XTREME Ceramic Paint Protect covers the paintwork with an extremely resilient and long lasting coating and ensures an excellent beading effect

SONAX XTREME Plastic restorer gel exterior NanoPro

Maintains unpainted plastic components on vehicle exteriors, e.g. bumpers and styling strips.

SONAX Plastic detailer

For interior use it cleans and maintains all plastic components (e.g. cockpit, door trim panels, instrument panel, centre console, seat linings etc.).

SONAX Plastic restorer black

Lastingly freshens up the colour and maintains bleached out and weathered plastic components on the car exterior.

SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit

Besides the beautiful appearance of the headlights and a value enhancement for the entire vehicle, the improved luminous efficiency ensures greater d...


The abrasive is made from highly effective alpha-aluminium oxide and quickly and thoroughly eradicates dirt contamination.

SONAX Chrome & alupaste

Care agent containing polish for aluminium and trim metals such as copper, brass and chrome.

SONAX Tree sap remover

Removes tree sap, bird droppings and other organic deposits from paintwork, glass, chrome and plastic surfaces, quickly and completely free from resid...

SONAX Soft top & fabric water proof impregnation

Seals and waterproofs fabric soft tops, especially highly strained folds and seams.

SONAX Paint Scratch remover set

Polishing set for manually removing localised scratches and grazes from paintwork clear coat.


Eradicates nicotine, animal and other unpleasant odours in the car and at home.

SONAX Interior cleaner

Thoroughly and gently removes even stubborn dirt from car interior trims

SONAX Car A/C cleaner AirAid counterdisplay

The air conditioning unit inside the vehicle is an ideal breeding ground for musty odours.

SONAX Clear glass

Glass cleaner for streak-free vision. Instantly frees windscreens and headlights from insects, dirt, exhaust deposits and nicotine.

SONAX Foam upholstery cleaner

Powerfully foaming special cleaner for removing even the most stubborn stains from carpets, fabrics, upholstery, textiles and floor coverings.

SONAX Stain remover

Quickly and gently eradicates even the most stubborn stains, such as grease, oil and tar stains from textiles.

SONAX Scratch remover

Special abrasives remove scratches and blind spots from plastic.

SONAX Cockpit spray

Cleans and maintains all car interior plastics.

SONAX Leather care lotion

Lotion for the gentle cleaning and care of car interior fittings, motorbike leathers and other smooth leather.

SONAX Windscreen wash concentrate lemon

Summer cleaning concentrate for the windscreen washer unit. 250 ml give 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid.

SONAX XTREME clear view 1:100 concentrate

Highly effective concentrate as cleaning additive for the windscreen washer unit.

SONAX Rim cleaner

The cleaner for regular wheel rim maintenance. Ideal for cleaning normal grime.

SONAX Wheel rim brush ultra-soft

For thoroughly cleaning wheel rims, used ideally in conjunction with all SONAX rim cleaners.

SONAX Tyre fix

The ideal break down aid for journeys. SONAX Tyre Fix restores mobility to flat tyres – without a tyre change.

SONAX Tyre care

Cleans, maintains and protects car tyres in one operation. Simply spray onto the tyres.

SONAX XTREME Tire gloss gel

Produces an ultimate, shiny black wet look on all tyre types.

SONAX Rubber protectant

Cleans and maintains rubber car components and maintains their elasticity.

SONAX Silicone spray with EasySpray

Sliding and lubricating agent for vehicles and household. Lubricates, maintains and protects rubber, plastics, wood and metal parts.

SONAX PTFE Spray-on Grease white

White PTFE spray on grease with excellent material compatibility. Especially suitable for the regular lubrication of moving parts such as e.g. axles, ...

SONAX Clay 200g blue

Special homogenous cleaning clay for removing paint overspray, industrial dust,

SONAX Clay red 200g (highly abrasive)

Soft clay for the removal of spray paint mist, industrial dust.

SONAX PROFILINE Wheel cleaner acid-free

Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all types of steel and light alloy wheels.


Glass polish for removing slight scratches, dull and eroded spots from vehicle windscreens and side windows made from real glass.

SONAX PROFILINE LeatherCleaner Foam

Extra power foam cleaner for high quality leather furnishings made from pigmented smooth leather.

SONAX Clear glass

Glass cleaner for streak-free vision. Instantly frees windscreens and headlights from insects, dirt, exhaust deposits and nicotine.


Wax free leather care with UV protection for smooth leather.

SONAX PROFILINE Plastic cleaner interior

Cleans and maintains plastic surfaces in vehicle interiors.

SONAX PROFILINE Leather care foam

Special product for cleaning and maintaining car interior fittings, car seats, motorbike leathers, furniture and other components made from smooth lea...


Odour neutraliser for textile surfaces in vehicles and buildings.


Freshens up colours, provides a decent shine and removes dull spots and scratches. Conserves all plastics in the vehicle interior

SONAX PROFILINE Plastic protectant exterior

Highly economical care gel for all unpainted exterior plastic components. Gives surfaces a deep shine and intensively freshens up the colours.


Tyre gloss and maintenance for all types of tyre. Restores the deep colour to weathered tyres and ensures a perfect shine.


Freshens colours, provides subtle sheen and laminates matting and scratches. Preserves all plastics in the car interior.

SONAX PROFILINE HeadlightProtection

Long term sealant for plastic headlights


Special abrasive polish for freshening up yellowed and matt plastic headlights.


Coarse abrasive paste for orbital polisher processing, for sanding down scratched or locally sanded paint layers.


Smoothens out scratches and rough spots on standard paints.


Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.


Fine nano polishing agents gently return the shine to new and slightly weathered paintwork.


Special professional polish for orbital machines.


Polish for removing slight scratches and restoring the shine to dull paintwork.


Wax-free paintwork sealing providing hybrid protection of up to 6 months thanks to Net Protection Technology.

SONAX ProfiLine Nano paint protect

Provides long-lasting and highly effective protection against hostile environmental hazards.


Hard-as-glass but flexible long term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals, but also to aggressive environmental influences...

SONAX PROFILINE HW 02-04 painting compatible

Wax based on nano-technology. Provides a deep shine and long-lasting protection for all new and freshly polished standard, metallic and scratch resist...

SONAX PROFILINE BrilliantShine Detailer

Spray-on conserver and gloss enhancer for a rapid paintwork finish.


Ideal protective rapid finish with Carnauba wax for new, as-new or polished paintwork surfaces.


High-performance abrasive paste for paintwork finishes.


Innovative paintwork finishing polish for a 1 step polishing .

SONAX PROFILINE Cut+Finish silicone-free

Removes dust inclusions , paint overspray and sanding marks.

SONAX Pump vaporiser solvent resistant

Empty. Volume: 1 litre. With adjustable spray nozzle. For products containing solvents.

SONAX Pump vaporiser >Sprayboy<

Universal, refill spray bottle. Empty. Volume: 0.6 litres

SONAX Foam Pad hard 80 -six pack-

Hard fine-pored sponge for machine sanding polish for scratched and weathered paints using SONAX PROFILINE polishes

SONAX Foam Pad hard 160

Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm.

SONAX Foam Pad hard 200

Hard, fine pored sponge for abrasive polishing of scratched.

SONAX Polishing sponge green 80 (medium) Six-Pack

Medium-hard fine-pored sponge for machine polishing

SONAX Polishing sponge green 160 (medium)

Polishing pad for polishing machine.

SONAX Polishing sponge green 200 (medium)

Medium hard, fine pored sponge for machine polishing paintwork.

SONAX Microfibre cloth ultrafine

The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results.

SONAX Tap for plastic drum

For 10 litre plastic canisters.

SONAX Tap for plastic canister/drum 25 l and 60 l

For 25 litre plastic canisters and 60 litre plastic drums.

SONAX Dirt eraser

Fine-pored special sponge for removing stubborn dirt deposits from plastic components in car interiors.

SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior

Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibers absorb the wax and polish residues

SONAX Microfibre cloth PLUS interior & glass

This ultra fine microfibre cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff. For use on smooth surfaces: Use damp for cleaning, dry for wiping or polishing of...

SONAX Care pad for plastics

Accessory for applying plastic care products in vehicle interiors.

SONAX Application sponge

Special sponge with reinforced white grip side and extra finely pored yellow sponge side.

SONAX Car care cloth

Durable care cloth for drying-off wet paintwork, chrome and glass surfaces. Soft, handy and especially absorbent.

SONAX Multi sponge

The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application surfaces.

SONAX Special brush

With soft rubber bristles which thoroughly collect all animal fur and simultaneously maintain the treated surfaces.

SONAX Microfibre drying cloth

The ideal accessory for time saving, easy vehicle drying, that is gentle on the paintwork.