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In thermoplastic applications SILLITIN V 88 is used in films as a anti-blocking additive, primarily in the area of LDPE films or as a matting agent in TPU films.
SILLITIN V 88 achieves very good results in films of higher thickness, usually greater than 50 microns, being used as anti-blocking additive.
In contrast to synthetic silicas SILLITIN V 88 causes hardly any adsorption of slip additives due to its comparatively low surface area. Cost benefits are another positive aspect.
For thinner and very thin LDPE films Silfit Z 91 or the hydrophobic, alkyl silane treated Aktifit PF 111 are recommended. For TPU films the amino silane treated Aktifit AM is recommended.
Moreover, SILLITIN V 88 contains very low sieve residues compared to other natural mineral additives and can also be used for products in contact with food.
In addition SILLITIN V 88 is the suitable functional filler for green house and agricultural films. It performs in high IR-absorption and high light transmission in the visible wave length range with moderate haze. For even higher light transmission and lowest haze Silfit Z 91 and Sillitin Z 89
puriss are recommended.

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