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 AKTIFIT AM is an activated SILFIT Z 91, produced by modifying the surface with an amino functional group. The by-products split off during the treatment reaction are largely removed during the production process which firmly attaches the functional group to the filler surface. This helps minimize undesirable side effects, as they are potentially encountered with in-situ mixing (direct addition of additive to the compound).

During curing (hardening) of the coating, the amino groups of AKTIFIT AM react with appropriate functional groups of the binder or generate a strong interaction in the form of hydrogen bonds. In paint and varnish applications AKTIFIT AM can be used as functional filler either on its own or combined with extenders or matting agents. The best effect is achieved in binder systems which have functional groups with active hydrogen or which can react with. With inert, polar groups hydrogen bonds can be generated.

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