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ULTRA-FLOW™ 500 is a very effective additive for the physical peptization of NR. It can be applied in polymer pre-mastication as well as in the masterbatch phase of single stage mixing.
The available double bonds in ULTRA-FLOW™ 500 stabilize free radical formation, thus improving reversion resistance and tear strength.
ULTRA-FLOW™ 500, if applied at the recommended dosage, does not bloom from vulcanisates due to its wide solubility limit.
As a process additive for solution SBR, ULTRA-FLOW™ 500 reduces compound viscosity and increases flow as well as reversion resistance.
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Beige to yellow pastilles
Specific Gravity: 1.1
Dropping Point ºC: 103
Zinc Content %: 10.5
Physiological behaviour: Refer to Safety Data Sheet
Storage stability: At least 2 years under normal conditions

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