Product Details


ULTRA-PEP™ 90 is a multifunctional processing additive.
ULTRA-PEP™ 90 works as a mild mastication agent in the early stage of NR compounding and subsequently aids filler dispersion and down line processing, like extrusion and mould flow. Since the mastication effect is slower than with common peptizing agents, fewer break downs of polymer chains can be observed, resulting in better physical and dynamic properties.
ULTRA-PEP™ 90 can be added in the masterbatch compound with other compounding ingredients and therefore a pre-mastication step is not needed. As such, additional cost saving could be achieved.
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Yellow to beige pastilles
Zinc Content %: 8
Specific Gravity: 1.1
Dropping Point ºC: 98
Physiological behaviour: Refer to Safety Data Sheet
Storage stability: At least 2 years under normal conditions

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