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ULTRA-LUBE™ 220 improves filler incorporation and release of most rubber compounds. Due to its 
low volatility, ULTRA-LUBE™ 220 can be used in heat resistant vulcanisates based on HNBR, ACM and 
ULTRA-LUBE™ 220 shows good plasticizing properties, which leads to reduction of injection pressure 
in moulding process and prevents scorch.
ULTRA-LUBE™ 220 is highly effective in polar compounds, like NBR to improve flow and release.
ULTRA-LUBE™ 220 is especially suitable for peroxide curing system owing to its low peroxide demand.
Typical Properties:
Appearance: Off white pastilles
Specific Gravity: 0.95
Dropping Point ºC: 58
Ash Content %: 21.5
Physiological behaviour: Refer to Safety Data Sheet
Storage stability: At least 2 years under normal conditions

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